Donate to Landvernd onboard all WOW air aircrafts

Margrét Hugadóttir

Landvernd, the Icelandic Environmental Association and WOW air have signed a contract for a joint effort between the two partners in support of Icelandic nature. From February 15th, 2017 to date, all passengers onboard WOW air aircrafts can support Landvernd with surplus change. WOW air will match the donations made by its passengers onboard with a contribution of the same amount.

Passengers can place the change in envelopes provided in the seat pockets of the aircraft, which are collected by flight attendants at the end of each flight. The money collected will be used to support the establishment of a national park in the central highland of Iceland, to enhance land restoration and other important environmental projects.

„We are happy to be able to support this important issue and we are very proud to be working with Landvernd. This is an important issue, especially when you look at the big picture. This is why we will double the amount donated by our passengers“, says Skúli Mogensen, the CEO and founder of WOW air.

„We are delighted about WOW air’s decision to give their passengers the opportunity to support an environmental association. We will use the amount collected to gain support for establishing a national park in the central highland of Iceland, for land restoration, reclamation of birch forests and wetlands, as well as to strengthen Landvernd’s participation in decision making regarding environmental issues,” says Snorri Baldursson, the chairman of the board of Landvernd.

The contract was extended in april 2018 to april 2019.

Landvernd is a non-governmental organisation working on environmental issues through active participation in decision making, education and policymaking regarding Icelandic nature and sustainable use of natural resources.


Picture: Skúli Mogensen, CEO and founder of WOW air and Snorri Baldursson, Chair of Landvernd 2016-18.


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