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Participate and CARE for nature,

For whom?

Our participants are both organized tourist groups and student groups (schools and others) as well as Icelanders.
In the pilot, we focus particularily on Americans and strengthing cultural ties between Iceland and the United States. In the future, we want to expand that to other nationalities. Please contact Landvernd for more information.


Although the size of the group and the exact location may vary, each trip will be built around the following core plan for the pilot phase of the project:

Morning: Meet in Reykjavík and travel together to the restoration site. On the way, a team leader explains about the ecology, history and development of land degradation in Iceland. Upon arrival, the land restoration process and methods are briefly explained. Specific methods to be used that day are demonstrated, and equipment distributed. Team leaders ensure everyone is well-dressed and prepared, and the group gets to work! Work includes stabilizing the soil surface using e.g. fertilizers and old hay, seeding or planting seedlings, or collecting seeds – all depending on the season.

Midday: Over lunch, an educator presents land restoration issues in depth and leads discussion with the group. When possible, the group takes a short visit to a nearby site of natural or cultural interest.

Afternoon: At the conclusion of the day’s volunteer activities, each group places a sign at their site dedicating their work to Icelandic nature. A photo is taken of the group with their sign at the site, copies of which will be given to the U.S. Embassy in Reykjavík, Landvernd, to the volunteer group, and will also be used for outreach in the social media campaign for the program. The group travels back to Reykjavík together.

The project is generously supported by the American Embassy in Iceland and the Icelandic Ministry for the Environment. Also, Landvernd uses it’s own resources for the development of the project.

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