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The Icelandic natural salmon’s existence is severely threatened by fish farming on a large scale in Icelandic fjords. Regulation and control of fish farming has been weak to say the least and thousands of  farmed salmons have escaped through holes in the sea pens, threatening the existence of the Icelandic local salmon.

Landvernd’s work is financed by grants and membership fees. All grants given to us are used for nature conservation.

To support Landvernd’s work for Icelandic nature, please select an amount from the drop-down list above.

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All amounts are in Icelandic Krona (ISK), but will be converted to USD (or your own country valuta) when appearing in your bank.
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For a rough estimation of the exchange rate in USD, please see the below list. For exact amount or other valuta, please calculate:

ISK 250.000 (approximately USD 1745)
ISK 100.000 (approximately USD 700)
ISK 50.000 (approximately USD 350)
ISK 20.000 (approximately USD 140)
ISK 15.000 (approximately USD 105)
ISK 10.000 (approximately USD 70)
ISK 5.000 (approximately USD 35)