Donate to the Nature


Landvernd is Iceland´s biggest Nature Conservation Association. We aim to protect and restore Icelandic nature and to build a sustainable society. Landvernd participates actively in policymaking, education and public discussion on the environment, natural resources and sustainable development.
Landvernd’s work is financed by grants and membership fees. All grants given to us are used for nature conservation.

To support our fight for Icelandic Nature, please select an amount from the drop-down list above. Choose „Upphæð“/which is Icelandic for amount and then „Setja í körfu“/Add to basket.
All amounts are in Icelandic Krona (ISK), but will be converted to USD (or your own country valuta) when appearing in your bank.
We thank you for your donation.

For a rough estimation of the exchange rate in USD, please see the below list. Changes can occur and therefore it is best to confer with the valuta convertor here:

ISK 100.000 (approximately USD 800)
ISK 50.000 (approximately USD 400)
ISK 20.000 (approximately USD 160)
ISK 12.000 (approximately USD 96)
ISK 10.000 (approximately USD 80)
ISK 8.000 (approximately USD 64)
ISK 6.000 (approximately USD 48)
ISK 2.000 (approximately USD 16)

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