Volunteering is one of the most rewarding ways to experience another country. It brings you to the heart of the most important issues in the places that matter with the local people who care.

Land degradation calls for ecological restoration

In Iceland a long history of land degradation caused by natural and human factors has led to a growing movement for ecological restoration of the most affected areas. Land degradation is a major environmental challenge in Iceland and human activities – particularly unsustainable land use but recently also tourism – contribute to the continued existence of the problem.

Help and be a part of the solution

Being part of the solution is a meaningful way to raise awareness and give back to nature in Iceland.  Indeed, over 80% of respondents in yearly surveys among foreign tourists in the country mention nature as the main reason for visiting the country. This indicates that there are great opportunities for conservation groups to engage foreign visitors in unique volunteering experiences – giving back to nature while at the same time building cultural understanding through activities such as hands-on land restoration.

Our goals

Our goals with CARE are manyfold but center around restoring denuded land and giving tourists, students and Icelanders alike an opportunity to give back to nature and strenghten environmental volunteering in Iceland.
In particular we aim at:

  • Direct contribution to ecological restoration in affected areas of Iceland.
  • Experiential learning about the connections between Iceland’s history, culture and nature.
  • Cultural exchange between foreign visitors and Icelandic volunteers and team leaders.
  • Cultivating the tradition of environmental volunteerism among Icelander.
  • Raising awareness of this important issue through education and media.
  • Engaging in reciprocity for long-term sustainability of nature and tourism in Iceland.